About us

SIGMA is a privately owned joint stock company. Founded by Jan Hajduk on 17th May 1996. Our headquarters are located in Lubelskie Voivodship, in the town of Barak, Lublin. Additionally, SIGMA SILESIA operate a regional office located in Knurow.

The main objective of SIGMA S.A. is THE COMPREHENSIVE IMPLEMENTATION OF NEW SOLUTIONS for the design and production of machinery, equipment and tailor-made technical solutions for various branches of industry, for example, waste sorting, mining and many others. On 26th of April 2012, SIGMA were awarded the status of Research and Development Centre by the Ministry of Economy.

Many years of experience, our own technology and engineering design office, modern and developed machine park, highly qualified personnel and close collaboration with Research and Development units and universities, allows SIGMA to implement innovative solutions, each tailored to the individual needs of customers, maintaining the highest quality of products.

Combining years of experience and the ability to analyze the precise requirements of our partners, we provide efficiency and functionality of the proposed solutions. A wide range of products are manufactured, allowing SIGMA to offer advanced technical systems related to transportation, handling and packaging of materials.

SIGMA offer a wide range of equipment and technical solutions for the environmental protection sector including the processing of various types of waste, in particular municipal waste management. SIGMA have extensive knowledge in providing waste management solutions for many companies and sectors where the individual requirements of each application are considered. Our products comply with all the various standards, certificates and approvals dependant on the application.

SIGMA S.A. have extensive experience of manufacturing and supplying machinery and equipment to Russia, Argentina, Czech Republic, Turkey, Bosnia, Columbia, Mexico and many locations across Poland. SIGMA S.A are recognised as a respected leader in the market. SIGMA S.A. cooperate with several global partners such as CATERPILLAR, SANDVIK, FAMUR, REMONDIS and DRAGFLOW.

Management Board
Paweł Hajduk
Paweł Hajduk
Krzysztof Lisiecki
Krzysztof Lisiecki
Vice President
Wojciech Hajduk
Wojciech Hajduk
Vice President
Dariusz Dudziński
Dariusz Dudziński
Vice President
Jan Hajduk
Jan Hajduk
Founder of the company, Power of Attorney Holder

Quality policy

Quality is a key value that determines the success of our company in global markets.

We provide all our customers with a professional service, on time delivery and the highest quality. High quality levels are guaranteed by the implementation and continuous improvement of our Quality Management System, based on the requirements and following standards:

  • PN-EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • PN-EN ISO 3834-2 Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials
  • PN-EN ISO 1090 Quality requirements for fusion welding of steel structures in execution grades EXC1, EXC2

Goals of our quality policy:

  • close cooperation, developing our customer's trust and satisfaction,
  • leading position in the market, flexible approach to our customer's needs and expectations,
  • introduction of technical innovation to the market,
  • meeting the requirements of legal regulations, specifications and directives.

We achieve the above goals through the following activities:

  • forming the engineering teams dedicated to the successful implementation of the projects,
  • control of production process, its improvement and adjustment to constantly changing technological conditions and customer's requirements,
  • assurance of highest level customer service and quick reaction to customer's needs,
  • constant improvement of methods, procedures and quality control,
  • cooperation with approved and reliable suppliers,
  • systematic improvement of organization processes and management methods,
  • continual development of employees’ competences with emphasis on quality assurance,
  • constant research of the market and prompt reaction to its needs,
  • implementation of the most modern technologies and equipment, based on the development of science and engineering trends, regular evaluation of the effectiveness of adopted policy and goals achieved, as well as the entire Quality Management System efficiency.

Status of the Research and Development Center

In 2012 we obtained the status of a Research and Development Center. This standard was introduced by an Act dated July 29th 2005. This Act offers manufacturers the opportunity to develop innovative research and development initiatives.

The role of the Research and Development Centre within SIGMA S.A. is to offer its services on a global scale in the field of innovative projects. SIGMA S.A. propose technical and technological development solutions, as well as to conduct commercial laboratory activities. By following the main trends and news on the global market, the company participates in many pioneer projects.

SIGMA S.A. have the ability to carry out and implement ambitious, innovative and significant projects by continually investing in human resources, employing highly qualified engineers, open to new challenges, continuous improvement of competence and skills, cooperation with universities, research institutes and local government authorities.

The Center provides comprehensive solution to given technical problem, from initial concept, through design, production of a prototype, up to testing and commissioning. It also guarantees the effectiveness of the implemented improvements and a short completion time.

Besides its daily business activity, SIGMA S.A. also takes part in social campaigns, for example the education of future engineering and technical staff through the student internship program.

EXPANSION OF INNOVATION is a motto which defines us as an organization, always searching for the most efficient solutions and analyzing all the needs of our customers.

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