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Dry-type dust collector OTK-ENIGMA

Fabric filter dust collector OTK-ENIGMA is designed to separate dust grains from the air during transition of dusted agent through fabric filter material.

High efficiency and reliability of dust collector application is guaranteed by measurement and control system cooperating with filter cleaning system. Application of renewable modules in filtration unit significantly reduces operating costs of the device. Modular construction of dust collector allows to adjust given parameters (e.g. cleaning efficiency) to conditions observed at workplace environment.

Dust collector OTK-ENIGMA is adapted for both stationary and mobile application (e.g. suspended above belt feeder) for example with fans ZWLP-SIGMA 900/P. Dust collector is compatible to cooperate with both flexible and rigid air ducts.

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Nominal capacity of clean air flow [m3/s] 8,4
Device’s capacity range [m3/s] 6 - 7,7
Acceptable pressure range [Pa] 1700 - 2050
Acceptable filters’ static pressure [Pa] 3500
Cleaning efficiency [%] 99,8
Filters’ working time [days] 60 - 180 (depending on load and workplace conditions)
Pneumatic system’s air characteristics ≥ grade V
Max. particle size [µm] 40
Max. particles concentration [mg/m3] 10
Max. oil concentration [mg/m3] 25
Max. water content [g/m3] 7,8

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