Counter-rotating Ventilator ZWLP-SIGMA 900/P

Counter-rotating Ventilator is designed for separate ventilation for mining excavation (e.g. coal mines, copper mines).

ZWLP-SIGMA 900/P ventilator can operate in the suction and stamping ventilation system also as part of a 'combined ventilation' (with cooling and dedusting air duct). It can be used as a ventilator assembly consisting of two ventilators combined in series or in parallel in the above mentioned systems.

Counter-rotating Ventilator ZWLP-SIGMA 900/P can be use in rooms with “a”, “b” and “c” degree of risk of outburst of methane and at class A and B risk of outburst coal dust. The device has been classified to the Group I category M2 - danger of explosive gasses or combustible dust.

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