Systematic implementation of new solutions

about company

SIGMA joint-stock company is a private company founded by Mr. Jan Hajduk at 17 May 1996. Headquaters is located in the province of Lublin, in the village of Barak, near Lublin. In addition, in Poland operates a regional office SIGMA Silesia in Knurów.

The main objective of the company S.A. is systematic implementation of new solutions for the design and production of machines, equipment and comprehensive technology for the mining industry, technology and energetics.

Many years of experience, our own design office technology, modern machinery and powerful, highly qualified personnel ald close collboration with Research and Development units and universities, allows SIGMA implementation of innovative solutions, each tailored to the individual needs of clients, maintaining the highest quality of product.


Years on the market





Combining years of experience and the ability to analyze the precise requirements of our partners, we provide efficiency and funcionality of the proposed solutions. A very wide range of our machines such as air-ventilators, belt conveyors, chain conveyors, dust collectors, allows us to offer complex technological systems for: headings, conducting minimg operations and ancillary works. Our products are tested in the technical and scientific research units.

Mining machinery and equipment manufactured by SIGMA S.A. works in Russia, Argentina, Romania, Czech Republic, Turkey, Bosnia, Ukraine, Mexico, Colombia and all coal mines in Poland. We are recognized an respected partner in the market. We work with many global companies such as: CATERPILLAR, SANDVIK, KOPEX, FAMUR, REMONDIS, SITA.

The area of the company in the environmental sector are complex technologies and equipment for the processing of various types of waste, particularly municipal waste, including: conveyors, screens. Technological parameters of the designed production lines are tailored to individual performance parameters, conditions of buildings and the results expected by the end investor. Lines produced by SIGMA S.A. have been used in a number of waste processing plants in Poland.


Paweł Hajduk

Paweł Hajduk

President of the Board

Krzysztof Lisiecki

Krzysztof Lisiecki

Vice-President of the Board

Wojciech Hajduk

Wojciech Hajduk

Vice-President of the Board

Dariusz Dudziński

Dariusz Dudziński

Vice-President of the Board

Jan Hajduk

Jan Hajduk

Founder of the company, Plenipotentiary of the Board

quality policy

We specialise in designing and manufacturing machines and devices for mining, and waste recycling technologies for environmental protection.

We provide all our clients with professional service, timely realisation and the highest quality. This top quality is guaranteed by the implementation and continuous improvement of a quality management system based on the requirements of standards:

  • PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 Quality Management Systems
  • PN-EN ISO 3834-2 Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials
  • PN-EN ISO 1090 Quality requirements for fusion welding of steel construction elements in classes EXC1, EXC2

Our Quality Policy and Aims are:

  • to extend collaboration, build up trust and increase customer satisfaction,
  • to maintain a leading position on the market by adapting to customer needs and expectations,
  • to launch technological innovations and novelties on the market,
  • to meet the requirements arising from legislation,standards and directives.



We realise these goals by the following actions:

  • creating technical teams for proper realisation of projects,
  • monitoring production processes, perfecting them and adapting them to changing technological conditions and changing customer requirements,
  • ensuring customers the highest quality of maintenance and applying the principle of rapid reaction to their needs,
  • constant development of methods, assessment and quality control,
  • collaboration with tried and trusted suppliers,
  • systematic improvement of organisational processes and management methods,
  • improving qualifications and creating awareness among employees with regard to quality,
  • constantly monitoring the market and reacting to its needs,
  • implementing the latest technologies and technical equipment based on scientific and technical progress,
  • periodic assessments of the efficiency of the policy adopted and goals set, as well as of the Quality Management System as a whole.



The founding meeting of the Creative Engineers Association was held on 7 November 2011. There were 23 founding members. On 9 January 2012, the Association was registered at the District Court of Lublin - Wschód in Lublin with its head office in Świdnik.

The aim of the Association is to carry out scientific, educational and cultural activities, especially in the field of technical sciences and presentation techniques, in particular for employees of SIGMA S.A. based at Barak 6, 21-002 Jastków, and other companies, organisations and educational establishments.

The Association realises its goals by:

  • organising conferences, seminars, training and lectures,
  • organising educational trips,
  • organising meetings including discussions preceded by presentations on a given subject,
  • a designated Association member preparing and delivering presentations,
  • gathering, updating, exchanging and propagating comprehensive knowledge and experience in selected fields of technical sciences,
  • exchanging experiences and information with organisations of a similar nature.

The desire to promote technical thought and encourage creative thinking induced employees of SIGMA S.A. and the Hajduk Group Sp. z o.o. to found the Creative Engineers Association. The main goal of the Association is scientific development through the exchange of all-round knowledge and experience in selected fields of technical science. The best ways of passing on the knowledge which comes from experience are direct meetings and discussions. This goal is realised by organising a series of meetings at which talks are given by company employees or invited guests.

The subject area of the talks is very broad, ranging from a description of experiences and projects realised, through interests into purely academic (theoretical) topics.



The first meeting of the Creative Engineers Association involved visiting plants which are closely connected with the activities of those companies whose employees form the Association. The participants were fascinated by the technologies, machines and systems used at the LW Bogdanka S.A. processing plant and the power plant Łęczyńska Energetyka. The chance to see the machinery and mechanical processing of coal, as well as to talk to the plant’s employees meant delving into topics to which the Association’s members are no strangers. The creation and implementation of new solutions is based mainly on the exchange of knowledge and experience. Organising events of this kind constitutes a tool for continuous development and stimulation to create new solutions. Every engineer should be constantly seeking novel ideas, take an interest in the world and be open to other people, who are a source of knowledge and a goldmine of ideas. The desire to balance professional and family life often results in a lack of time to discover the technologies used in industries outside our professions. A visit to CERN contributed to a new outlook on the world of physics and scientists in the minds of the participants, while a trip to the Copernicus Science Centre enabled a better understanding of the phenomena and laws used by the Association’s members in their everyday work.

A very important mission which the Creative Engineers Association has is contact with schoolchildren facing the important life choice of which career to choose. These meetings with young people are intended to show the work of engineers and specialists (welders, lathe operators, etc.), and raise awareness of the demand for people with a technical education.